Saturday, December 5, 2015

Introduction to the Observatory

If you live long enough, and you see the world with a keen sense of things happening around you—you are going to have lots of stories to tell.

And certainly I have a few of my own. Stories and observations. Life is funny sometimes, and without ever actively being engaged in looking for it, funny often times simply finds us. It certainly finds me. Perhaps it is the writer in me that sees the world via a certain sense of awareness. It is that moment, that image that catches your eye and gets the machine in the mind churning away—building a plot, trying to answer a question about what could possibly be going on, or creating a character that will populate a tale to be told.

The Observatory is simply a compilation of experiences, conversations I have had or overheard, situations, and anything else that I find to be funny, weird, or downright hysterical. I think it should be a fun ride.

Onward and upward and away we go. I shall see you on the other side. Let's just hope I don't trip and fall on the way there.

The problem with my feet is that they are always getting in the way of my forward mobility...

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